The Ride of My Life Podcast - Update - Short Hiatus to Regroup

What an incredible year and a half it’s been. I liken this moment to a triumph over trauma that I experienced throughout my life and the journey I took over the past year mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to heal from it. It has been an incredible time and challenging at the same time in facing my biggest fears and learning how to regulate my nervous system in the process.

I am a highly sensitive person, so much so, I have the honor badge (lol) of having 26 out of 27 of the traits. In the past, when things overwhelmed me like having and argument in a relationship or feeling unloved from the developmental trauma, I would immediately dissociate to protect myself (my little girl).

I had begun to be able to tell in November of 2021, the difference between my body reacting to stress and my Soul watching the whole anxiety scenario play itself out. That was the turning point for me when I decided that I would go full in deep to learn how to regulate and do the work it took to get there. Some of the processes I used were kinesiology, EMDR, somatic, movement, chiropractic, acupuncture, going out in nature for hikes and grounding, meditation, sitting with my emotions and allowing them to cycle, release and flow and the big one of recognizing that I need to talk out loud to myself or friends to figure things out and make decisions and to let them know of my needs. Oh and boundaries. I’m sure there is more but that is part of what I’m working on next to share with you.

I feel calmer now and when something comes up it no longer creates the feeling of insanity it did in the past.

This video is to share that I am taking a hiatus for a week or two from the podcast to reorganize and that this is also a personal journey and I need the time to recoup and regroup from the drive and to continue this healing journey to understand what my next step is.

I am excited about this part of the shifting of myself and my business and look forward to what’s next.

If you resonate with what I am sharing, I can help in different ways with healers or those on their journey who are wanting to dig deeper. Reach out and let me know how I can be of service and/or if you are so inclined, love offerings are accepted so I can continue this journey to share HOPE and Inner Child Energy Healing and Transformational Guidance/Coaching and Love.

I also have my Inner PEACE Oracle Reading where I use my poems to create a safe space with a peak inside to what your Higher Self is saying to you. Our Higher Self speaks to us all the time. Sometimes we don't know how to listen and sometimes we are afraid to listen. I hold this space of safety so you can connect with your Higher Self to see where you are in this moment so it can assist you in finding direction.



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